Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brew Date & Style Have Been Set

Greetings Beer Lovers!

So after a lil hemmin' and hawin' I have decided on a style which I am going to brew. It will be in the style of a Spiced Belgian Strong Dark Ale. I will be brewing it on October 31st, 2009 around noonish. I know most of my friends will not be able to attend on such short notice, due to it being Halloween and all, and that's cool, I just hope ya'll will be there for the tapping of the keg around February! This is going to be a BIG Beer! It features 8 different types of grains including a smidgen of wheat, 2 pounds of Soft Belgian Candi Sugar, 2 hop additions,5 secret spices, and 4 count em 1, 2, 3, 4 different Belgian Yeast Strains! The picture above shows the ingredients, minus the 2 additional yeast strains, sugars, and Belgian Special B Malt.

All these ingredients will come together to create a lovely aroma and flavor and should weigh in somewhere between 8%-12% alcohol, depending on how well the yeasts do! Speaking of yeast, next update I will share a method of yeast culturing that I am experimenting with that will (hopefully) make stronger, faster, better, and most importantly very sterile yeast starters! What's a yeast starter? Tune in next blog to find out.

Until Next Time,

Gregg, The Yeast Master


  1. It takes a strong man to call himself a yeast master. Seriously though, I hope I can be there for the keg tapping!

  2. LOL yes it does, but it sooo true lol. Even my bread yeasts have legendary powers :) I hope you can be here too!