Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Start...

So, Here I am Blogging about Brewery Heuvalstad, my Home Brewery, that I hope to one day be a working MicroBrewery and Brew Pub. I guess I should start at the beginning. My Name is Gregg Vona and I have been brewing Beer and Mead since 2001. My good friend Jim Driggers got me started in this whole brewing thing and I have been in love with it ever since.

My first brewing experience was a batch of straight mead that started out awesome, but due to impatience and some not so good sanitation techniques turned into 5 gallons of honey vinegar. I regrouped and brewed up a Bavarian Pilsner which was a great success!! After that I was hooked!

8 years later I have brewed 6 successful brews ranging from a Blonde Ale to a Belgian Style Dubbel and I have formulated and written 12 great recipes representing different regions of the world and their styles.

Now something new has piqued my interest, Brewing Sake. The process is ancient and time honored...and time consuming! Unlike most beer styles that you simply brew, pitch the yeast and sit back and enjoy the show, Sake Brewing requires alot of hands on (literally!) work!

This Blog will document all my brewing endeavors and hopefully my transition to commercial brewing! For the next 40 days or so, my Fermenters will be dedicated to brewing Junmai Grade Premium Style Sake!

This entry is dry I will admit, but hopefully the blog will become exciting as events unfold!

For Now I will say Good Night, and Cheers!!!


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